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Over a half of all household fires start in the kitchen. A significant part of these could be prevented with high-quality cooker safety devices. Innohome’s Stove Guard and Stove Alarm – designed in Finland – represent state-of-the-art fire safety technology that can prevent most of kitchen fires.

Alert before toxic gases and fire

Innohome’s Stove Guard and Stove Alarm are intelligent, self-learning fire safety devices with advanced, award-winning technology that is a result of years of dedicated research and development. The devices react in a risk situation before toxic gases are formed and before a fire can start, turning the cooker off and activating additional alarms if needed.

A traditional smoke alarm is not always enough

Traditional smoke alarms only signal when a fire has already started. They are also not normally recommended in the kitchen because they can frequently trigger false alarms. Furthermore, a traditional smoke alarm is unable to help save lives if nobody is at home or if a person is unable to respond to the alarm.

Easy additional safety and support for independent living

The ease of use and installation of Innohome devices is among the best in the market. Stove Alarm is also an excellent way to support independent living when the use of a cooker is risky due to old age, illness or learning difficulties, among others.

Finnish market leader and test success

Innohome is a Finnish company founded in 2005. We are the global market leader in cooker safety products. Our products have been installed in over 100,000 locations worldwide.

Our products have passed all SINTEF tests for cooker safety devices, and they fulfil the EU standard 50615 requirements.

International development

International awareness of the potential of cooker safety devices is on the rise. In addition to the recent EU standard, Norway, for example, has passed a law that requires the installation of a cooker safety device in every new kitchen.

Fire departments in the UK work closely with Innohome, and some regions are offering Stove Alarms for risk groups free of charge.